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You can try out the Joking Computer online NOW on this site.
Or you can download a copy to use on your own PC.

The Joking Computer's Visits

Graeme, Joking computer and camera crew

Joking Computer Launch event

When: 9 December 2009
Where: Glasgow Science Centre

After speeches by Kirk Ramsay, Chief Executive of Glasgow Science Centre, and Judith Masthoff, children had a first go at using the Joking Computer. Judith, Kirk and two children from Tobermory primary school were interviewed for BBC Radio. Graeme, Kirk and two other children from this primary school were filmed.

The Joking Computer has now left the Glasgow Science Centre (but there are lots of other exciting exhibits to see there).

Discovery Day

When: 20 March 2010
Where: Satrosphere, Aberdeen, as part National Science and Engineering Week.

The Joking Computer is now also in Satrosphere (Aberdeen's Science Centre)! On this day, Graeme and Judith were present to interact with visitors to Satrosphere and answer questions about the Joking Computer.

The Joking Computer has now moved on from the Aberdeen Science Centre.

Children with Joking computer in Satrosphere

Example joke recipe

Meet the Joking Computer (workshops for children)

When: Tuesday 11th and Thursday 13th May 2010
Where: King's College, University of Aberdeen, as part of the Word Festival.

We started with a short introduction of the Joking Computer and why we are building one. Next, children made their own jokes, using paper sheets that follow some of the recipes the Joking Computer uses (see example recipe in the picture on the left). They also spent some time playing with the Joking Computer itself. Prizes were awarded for the best jokes produced by the children. Example of a winning joke: "What do you get when you cross a dragon with a drink? A wine-osaur."

These workshops were attended by 55 children from P5 and six adults, from two Aberdeen primary schools.

Material from the workshops is available to use without charge for educational purposes, see this powerpoint file.

Laughing at Language (Talk and discussion)

When: Wednesday 12th May 2010, 7pm
Where: Waterstone’s Bookshop, Union Bridge, Aberdeen, as part of Cafe Scientifique and the Word Festival.

Graeme introduced the ideas behind research into humour, and outlined some of the ways that humour is created using language, illustrated by audio recordings of jokes in various languages. The audience had the chance to make their own punning riddles on paper, and the resulting jokes were read out. Afterwards, there was a lively question session.

This event attracted around 120 people, almost all adults.

Graeme talking at the bookshop


Meeting the Joking Computer (drop-in workshops for family groups)

When: Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th September 2010
Where: Beach Leisure Centre and Ballroom, Aberdeen, as part of the TechFest Science Festival

Over a hundred people, adults and children, came to explore the Joking Computer software and make their own jokes on paper. See some of these jokes.

Science in the City (Workshop for families)

When: Thursday 21st October 2010, 3pm-4pm
Where: Satrosphere, Aberdeen, as part of Science in the City.

Children used the Joking Computer software, and also made up jokes on paper.

This event involved about 10 children and their parents.


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