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Judith Masthoff
Graeme Ritchie
Mukta Aphale
Kim Binsted
Rolf Black
Regina Fernandes
Feng Gao
Ruli Manurung
Dave o'Mara
Wendy Moncur
Helen Pain
Annalu Waller

Why study computers and jokes?
Humour and Communication
Other projects for children with communicationdifficulties
The Science of Humour

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How jokes can be built by a computer
Stage 1: Choosing answer parts
When do words sound the same?
Stage 2: Choosing question parts
When does a word name part of another?
When do words mean the same?
When is a word more general?
Stage 3: Putting it all together

Give your views and help our research
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The Humour Lab

Research - AI, language, humour, ....
Humour studies
Artificial Intelligence
Other Artificial Intelligence projects
Computational Linguistics
Other Computational Linguistics projects

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