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Regina Fernandes

I’m Brazilian, from Minas Gerais, now talking about the weather and having tea instead of dinner.

Before moving to Edinburgh in 1989, I worked in Rio de Janeiro, firstly with technical drawings, later as an illustrator/graphics designer for a magazine. I lead a Dr Jekyll and Ms Hyde life: bubbling inside my graphic designer’s body there’s an eager-to-jump-out disquieted artist. I am largely self-taught and have been painting and exhibiting professionally for sometime now. I have travelled a bit, seen a fair number of Italian lands, a few places in Spain, Greece, but landed in Scotland one day and fell in love with its moody weather and rough landscapes.

It was only when I moved to Edinburgh that I fully grasped the stark contrast between the Brazilian and British (Scottish) weather. I had then a lot of time on my hands to develop my skills as a painter, but the cold Edinburgh weather made indoors painting very awkward for me.

          Regina Fernandes

Minas Gerais, Brazil

I had never considered using anything else before but oil paint - not a “proper” artist if you use other materials. So, not willing to give up but not as brave as the Caledonian hens, I decided to keep the windows shut and move on to water-based media. Got hooked on watercolour, got my first exhibition in Edinburgh and never painted another oil again! The wee traitor….

But life is complicated and money cannot be printed, nor painted.

The only way to survive was to have a split working-personality. The graphic design world had changed quite a lot since my last job for the Brazilian mag in Rio. The work was now all done on computers, not using glue and bits of texts stuck to templates of paper like I knew well, but using Photoshops, Quarks, DTPs and all sorts of weird & wonderful Machiavellian software. I had to go back to school to meet them, if I wanted to work in the design industry again.

Being a mature student at Telford College was not as bad as I thought. I had experience, I had drive, and I had a grant. Good. The college was in the heart of a “not so tourist” Edinburgh area and I was a good 20 years older than the oldest of my pals. They were all computer savvy, rowdy and full of spots. Not so good. The language they spoke was a completely different dialect from the one used in the academic and very forgiving circle I moved in. Nightmare. But in the end, I had a great time, made lots of friends, asked too many questions, and to my pals’ disgust finished all my assignments way before their deadlines, got my diploma and a prize, and could go and see “Trainspotting” without the need for an interpreter.

Now, working for my own company, Illugraphics, most of my day is dedicated to graphic design and illustrations. Unfortunately there’s very little time left for painting but I really enjoy my work.
It's been a pleasure and great fun designing the graphics and working with all involved in The Joking Computer project.

Watercolour - Edinburgh, Meadows in January

Letter, watercolour

I have been doing creative work for many years now. I painted my first masterpiece when I was about 5 years old (didn’t we all?). It was called - yes, it had even a title – “Old Rain”. It was an A4 page filed with multicoloured diagonal short strokes. My folks said I had a scientific explanation for that, which was: when the rain comes down, it goes through the rainbow and the raindrops get stained with rainbow colours. Not bad, eh? Now, I spend most of my time thinking about lights and shadows and trying to solve the great puzzle that is to build the perfect composition.

Lorenzo di Medici hasn’t replied to my letters. Not yet….

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