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Feng Gao (also known as Felix)

Hi, I am Felix. I come from China. I am a PhD student in the Computing Science Department of the University of Aberdeen. I have spent almost 8 years in Aberdeen. Believe me that I didn't spend all these 8 years in my PhD.

My supervisor is a great hiking fan and we did several hikes together. The greatest and most crazy one was to Lochnagar. We ended up on the very top of Lochnagar in a very misty and windy spring afternoon. If you don't know, Lochnagar is one of the Scottish Munros. If you don't know, a Munro is a Scottish mountain over 3,000 ft. You have to believe me: the picture was taken on the very top of Lochnagar, over 3,000 ft.

           Felix at top of Lochnagar


I quite like Aberdeen, or in a Chinese's eyes, this is in fact a lovely town. You know many Chinese cities are too crowded. My home city is Nanjing, much larger than Aberdeen, and very crowded. We have some very nice places in my city, although there are no wonderful country side views as you have in Scotland. Here is the Wikipedia page for my home city, Nanjing. Make sure Nanjing is on your must-visit list if you go to China. Even you don't go to China, you can still have a virtual tour with the help of Google. This photo shows the probably most famous bridge over the Yangtze River. It was built in 1968 in Nanjing. It is still serving after 40 years. Follow this link to the original web page. It is in Chinese by the way.

Later, I moved to Hong Kong, a city which does not need much of my introduction. You may not know many other Chinese cities, but you must know Hong Kong. Hong Kong is amazing, with so many people in such a small area. You probably don't know (as I just discovered it myself) that 60% of Hong Kong land is hills or mountains. The highest mountain in Hong Kong is over 950m, a fully qualified Munro indeed.

Hong Kong skyline
  ©David Iliff

Ill baby

I like computing and programming. My research is in medical data analysis. I analyze monitoring data (such as heart rate) obtained in a hospital unit for ill babies. So, I am trying to help doctors and nurses to help those very tiny babies.

My PhD is part of the BabyTalk project: see "Other Computational Linguistics projects" in this website for more details.

I myself am not a medical doctor or nurse. But I am a qualified medical laboratory scientist back in China. A medical scientist is the person in a white coat doing some experiment in a laboratory and telling you that you are fully healthy or you have some disease.

I joined the Joking Computer project as a part-time research assistant in January 2010. I did not expect to start working on this kind of research to be honest. I speak English and I have some sense of humour. But telling a joke in English is a bit too much for me. However, I have enjoyed working in the Joking Computer project. My job is to make sure the Joking Computer works properly. If you have recently visited Glasgow science centre or Aberdeen Satrosphere, you might have used our Joking Computer exhibits there. What do you think? I promise you they are working better and better. If you haven't visited yet, don't worry. We shall have a web version soon. Keep an eye on this place.

Personally, I hope my little son Douglas will be able to enjoy the Joking Computer like many other Scottish pupils do. However, he has to learn more English first. He is not really interested in learning English or anything yet. Playing is the only thing to the little one at the moment. Or maybe he is playing and learning at the same time?

       Felix and Douglas

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