The Joking Computer
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You can try out the Joking Computer online NOW on this site.
Or you can download a copy to use on your own PC.

Use the software online

The Joking Computer can be visited in Aberdeen's Satrosphere, in Scotland. However, we know that this is too far for many of you. We have had thousands of visitors to our website from all over the world (for example US, Brazil, South Africa, Australia, India). So, we have now made a version you can try out on-line, from wherever you are.

Click the button to start the Joking Computer on-line version. This will open a new window (or tab), allowing you to come back to this website easily. This website has far more information about how the Joking Computer works (including some puzzles for you to solve), the people who made it, and the related research. So, make sure you have a good look around the rest of this website as well - start from the Home button above.

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