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How jokes can be built by a computer: Stage 3

Putting it all together

The third stage uses the answer words (from Stage 1) and question words (from Stage 2) to build a joke.

It uses sentence shapes: sentences with a few blanks in them, such as:

     What do you get when you cross a ___ with a ___?.

In our example, the computer might select:

     What do you call ___________________ ?

as the sentence shape for the question.

Sometimes a blank is linked to another smaller phrase shape showing how to arrange the material that is to be inserted. In our example, to fit the question words shout and pixel into the blank slot, a phrase shape is used:

     a ______ that has a _____

to build

     a shout that has a pixel.

Inserting this into the question sentence shape, we get

     What do you call a shout that has a pixel ?

The basic answer sentence shape just puts the two words (computer, scream) one after another.

We end up with:

     What do you call a shout that has a pixel ?
      A computer scream

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