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How jokes can be built by a computer: Stage 2

Choosing question parts

The second stage 'transforms' the words given to it by the first stage to make a question.

In our example, it received: computer screen and scream.

There are three types of transformation:

1. Naming a part of the original word
   (For example, "tyre" is a part of a "taxi")
2. Finding a word that means roughly the same
   (For example, "cab" means the same as "taxi")
3. Finding a more general word
   (For example, "car" is more general than "taxi")

Applying transformations to computer screen and scream, the Joking Computer might choose
1. pixel, as a part of a computer screen
2. shout, meaning roughly the same as a scream.

It could have found other things (e.g. window and yell), so there are a few ways that the question could be built, even without changing the answer.

The two words (pixel and shout) are passed on to Stage 3.

When does a word name part of ..? When do words mean the same? When is a word more general?
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